Links of Interest (18 December 2011)

Feminist Frequency discusses the Top 10 Best Non-Violent iPhone Games:

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is still unfortunately a very male dominated, male centric place (from the developers to the storylines to the in-game characters).

So it’s important to note that “realistic-looking” first-person shooters and other games that employ graphic violence and sexist imagery are not the only games out there even though they do tend to get most of the attention when it comes to talk of “serious” gaming.

Because I’m often frustrated with the male dominated, blood and guts, testosterone driven shoot em up games that seem to dominate the xbox and ps3 platforms, it’s refreshing to see so many games on Apple’s iOS that focuses on puzzle solving and creative storytelling.

The Border House critiques Alex Wiltshire’s Edge piece, “Changing the Fat, Ugly or Slutty status quo” in “Working Together Against Sexism”:

Wiltshire writes, “Faced with an online world of women who disguise themselves and never talk back, dumb male keyboard warriors are never challenged by their quarries and have no reason to stop their bullying behaviour.” In this sentence, he demonstrates that he didn’t quite understand the point of Robertson’s piece: speaking out escalates sexist abuse, which is why it was so brave of Robertson to write what she did.

Racialicious reviews Shame and Pariah.

Over at Geek Feminism, Courtney Stoker’s “Cosplaying is fine, girl, as long as you cosplay for me” turns a critical eye to a parody video on College Humor.

Our least favorite site, Kotaku, is producing a lot of content related to gender and sexism lately — probably so they can generate a lot of page hits. Some of the articles are actually worth reading, however, such as “The Problem With Women’s Armor, According to a Man Who Makes Armor.”

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